Apophis: Earth's EndEdit

For a thousand years, Earth reigned unchallenged over the teeming billions of the solar system with an iron fist. Whilst the ancient geocentric model was long since proven untrue, Mother Terra was still - in a metaphorical sense - the centre of the universe. Its empire was truly a massive one, her possessions reaching from here to distant Port Arthur on the edge of the Oort Cloud, and the states in her sphere of influence being even greater, all guarded by the largest army to have ever graced the universe. It did not matter who you were, a petty governer of the Asteroid Belt or one of the wealthiest Merchant-Princes of Galilea, you answered to Earth above all, or else. And for a millennium, Earth was satisfied with this state of affairs. But those times are in the past. Decadent, the once grand Earth has stagnated, the foundations of its empire slowly rotting away. Over the centuries, its democratic systems withered, and the EarthGov has slowly become more subserviant to the wealthy corporate masters that rule on Luna, and the military is poised to seize control and ‘restore order’. As the people grow restless, and the strain of its vast industry begins to become unbearable for her climate, Earth finds herself with no friends to turn to, for millennia of subjugation and dominance have made them enemies of the entire Solar System. On Mars, the Directorate of Tharsis - Earth’s self declared rival - is preparing for the greatest military venture of human history, and with no Terran authority to stop them now, the Red Planet is seemingly theirs for the taking. Meanwhile, the forsaken peoples of the Belt cry out for freedom against their colonial oppressors, chanting for their ideas of ‘self-determination’ and their ‘inaliable right to freedom’. However, Earth has no plans to loosen their grasp on the resource-rich Asteroid Belt which makes up a third of their income.(edited)

And as Earth declines, her old ‘allies’ stand ready to take full advantage of their collapse. The Merchant Princes of Galilea stare enviously at the many Terran extractor-plants that hover over Jupiter’s gas rich atmosphere, and the various pro-Earth dictatorships she helped prop up are beginning to increasingly distance themselves from her. Earth’s surface, once considered the ‘melting pot of the Solar System’, begins to bubble with nationalism, which has laid dormant since the apocalyptic Gene Wars of her 21st century, and both far-left and far-right independence movements join together for one goal: the dissolution of the one world state that has binded the Terran people together for millennia.

However, whilst mankind stands ready to tear each other apart in a display of barbarity, the brave and farflung men and women of Port Arthur have made a shocking discovery: for the past decade, their communication systems have picked up a long series of distant radio transmissions, each coming closer and closer than the last.

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